JPM The Sole UK Dealer For Versatile

Versatile 4WD DeltaTrack

Versatile tractors have attained an enviable reputation for reliability and durability, so JPM Agricultural is very pleased to announce that we have entered into an exclusive agreement to be the sole authorised UK importer of this long established and high quality brand.


This arrangement gives JPM access to the complete product range of new Versatile machines as well as replacement parts, spares and accessories direct from the manufacturer. This allows our customers to enjoy access to a one stop location for Versatile products, repairs and servicing here at JPM.


Included in the range we offer is Versatile’s new DeltaTracks. Only recently unveiled, the DeltaTrack is now in full production. This is not merely an FWD with a track assembly but a state of the art dedicated track tractor offered in 30 and 36 inch track width options, and is only available in this country from JPM Agricultural.


Founded as the Hydraulic Engineering Group in Toronto in the mid 1940s, Versatile were the first company to be successfully involved in the mass production of articulated 4WD tractors. In 1966 their D100, and G100 models caused a stir when the company offered them for sale in a price range comparable to standard two wheel drive tractors. The Versatile 150, the world’s first bi-directional tractor, was developed in 1977.


The company was taken over by Buhler Industries in 2001, and the High Horsepower Tractor (HHT) series produced from 2004 was marketed under the name of Buhler Versatile. However, in April 2008 it was announced by Buhler that the Versatile trademark would henceforth be the only name associated with their tractor division.


This wasn’t just about a respected name being reinstated, it was also about a commitment to excellence. Buhler Industries pledged that the re-launch of the brand would be backed up by the ethos of quality and reliability which helped to make Versatile a name which could be trusted.


With so many older Versatile tractors still used on farms throughout the world, there’s a proud history, and a fine reputation attached to the Versatile name. The company’s products are known to be a valuable investment on a working farm and have an enviable reputation for power and durability as well as for being comfortable to use and easy to maintain.

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